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"Expect constructive change when you put in the effort to make the necessary changes in your physical and social environments." -A. Hart

If you desire positive change in your life, changes in your physical and social environments are needed. Many unhealthy habits are easy to continue because of cues or signs in your present environment whether it’s home or work. Ask yourself, are there any objects in your physical environment that possess strong memories or emotions? If so, how can you remove or modify those objects to promote positive change? Minor or major modifications may cause new stimulation or motivation to prepare your brain for change. For example, gestures as de-cluttering space, reorganizing furniture, adding vibrant or bright colors to a darken room are minor initiatives in creating change in your physical environment.

People, places, and situations in our social environment may activate negative memories or emotions. A particular street, past or present residence, certain seasons or holidays, and even social events can cause unwanted emotions, attitudes, and reactions. For example, if you are attending a social event where people are consuming alcohol and/or drugs, you may want to remove yourself from the event because you are a recovering addict. So, how can you eliminate or minimize your need to be in these situations? What practices can you employ in advance to feel stronger, self-assured, and peaceable when you are these situations?

Also, consider the people in your life and how they can improve or obstruct your progress. Are you affiliated with people who support your previous or current habits and patterns? Are they discouraging your aspirations or instilling fear? It’s time to make changes in the way you interact with these people to minimize their negative impact on you. Choose people, settings or situations that inspire you, fuel your passions, increase relaxation and peace, and sustain motivation to promote positive change.

Reference: Rivera, J. & Rivera, N. (2021). Life changes that reflect your new story.

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