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"I'm Not Expecting Perfection, But I Am Expecting Effort From My Students." -Dr. Hart

Perfection is overrated and effort is underrated. Effort simply means to attempt or try to accomplish a task. As an educator, I expect students to attempt or try to give their best to succeed academically and professionally.

However, my expectations of students are realistic and meeting students where they are cognitively is an opportunity to enhance their abilities by giving them a chance to flourish. It's like planting a seed and watching it evolve overtime. There's an obligation to prepare every student who enters my classroom for the next level of their education and/or career. Even more so, a preparation for the next chapter in their lives. See, that's the beauty of teaching psychology.

But, students have an obligation as well. As a student, it is important to illustrate (1) commitment to your academic studies and program, (2) effective communication with your professors or instructors concerning course needs, (3) accountability for your role in your academic success, (4) and time and effort to accomplish your educational goals.

Let's be clear...exemplifying commitment, effective communication, accountability, and time and effort is essential in various aspects of our lives from relationships to parenting. Have you acknowledged your role, your obligations, your efforts in accomplishing your educational, personal or professional goals? If not, why are you holding yourself back? Sometimes, the only person hindering you from achieving success is YOU!

We must keep pushing, stay focused, and get it done! Just put in the effort and let's get to work!!!

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