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"I've learned that most people will not come close to giving what you give continuously. And that's fine, if you're willing to accept the difference." A. Hart

The expectations of a specific person or people in general are often unrealistic and sometimes unreasonable. It's important to understand what you are expecting from someone especially in a mate. We expect people to support, provide, and assist equally as us. Unfortunately, most will not. When clear and realistic expectations are set in place, we are able to reduce or eliminate disappointment. I expect people to be people, meaning, flawed humans. Some people mean well and others have no intentions of fulfilling your expectations.

We must not only possess realistic expectations of others, but also set boundaries with others. Setting boundaries provide an imaginary line of what we will or will not accept or tolerate. Once you have acknowledged what people may or may not do, set boundaries to avoid yourself from overdoing. Compensating for the shortcomings of others is an overwhelming and tiring process. So, expect people to exemplify who they are rather than who you prefer them to be. Most importantly, create expectations for yourself and maybe the expectations of others are more reasonable.

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