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During the path of self-discovery, we often come upon many roadblocks and dead ends. Which DIRECTION should we go...left, right, or make a U-turn? Where are the street signs or traffic lights?? What road is this??? The road to self-discovery can feel like a dirt road with pot holes, cracks,'s a bumpy situation! It's even worst with dust on the windshield with no wipers or driving in darkness in the middle of a thunder storm with no head lights, you can't clearly SEE what direction you need take to get WHERE you need to BE. Sometimes, we need to stop, turn the engine off, and park for a second to REgroup, REanalyze, and REevaluate our current position.

I ask, "Where would you like to travel? How will you get there?" See, your mind is your navigation system. So, alter the way you examine or process unexpected obstacles and challenges upon your journey. Create a new MAP OF LIFE! On my road to self-discovery, I created a shortcut to a place called, "WHO AM I." This was a place to enhance SELF-KNOWLEDGE and strengthen SELF-IDENTITY. How do I define myself? What's my passion and purpose? What makes me happy? sad? feel complete?

On your road to self-discovery, create a path that amplifies your SELF-WORTH. Start there!

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