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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

"In the midst of pouring into everyone else's glass, save a glass for yourself." -A. Hart

A Melting Ice Cube

"You're so're always there." That's what EVERYBODY say! Mrs. Reliable, yeah sure. How about...Mrs. Emotionally Drained? I've always represented strength, courage, and faithfulness. Over the years, I've given every ounce of strength within my "glass of support." A glass that is always overflowing with the concernment and compassion for others. I am a MELTING ICE CUBE...evaporating slowly from the exhaustion of fulfilling the dehydration of others. Unfortunately, many may not recognize nor accept how their continued THIRSTINESS is the reason for emptiness. It's time to refill my glass and pour unto my needs, wants, and desires. It's OKAY to over pour self-care, self-love. I DESERVE this drink, I really do! If only I can find ONE glass I had left in the cupboard. Can I borrow a glass? I gave them all to YOU.

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