Educational Consulting

Applying methods from the field of educational psychology and technology to improve cognitive abilities and intellectual functioning in high school and college students by focusing on significant key areas. Our passion is to holistically support secondary and post-secondary students and student-athletes by:


  • Upholding student responsibility;

  • Creating a growth mindset;

  • Managing anxiety and stress;

  • Building resilience;

  • Enhancing social-emotional learning;

  • Sustaining motivation and willpower;

  • Recognizing and identifying emotions;

  • Communicating effectively;

  • Balancing coursework and sporting;

  • Setting realistic goals;

  • Identifying learning styles-strategies;

  • Improving time-management and organizational skills;

  • Eliminating unhealthy habits; 

  • Enhancing mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.

Mindset Sports Training  - AVAILABLE SOON!

Mindset skills training for all student-athletes to improve sport performance in the following areas:


  • Knowledge of the sport;

  • Strength and conditioning;

  • Basic skills training;

  • Intermediate skills training;

  • Elite skills training;

  • Specific skills training;

  • Understanding the process and what it takes; and 

  • Gain deeper knowledge of the sport and your mental state.

With the dedication to sharing knowledge, we have educated and inspired countless students inside and outside the classroom. The motive is to guide students in the right direction to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.